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Send them a link to download ZoneAlarm FREE Firewall! It blocks intruders, makes you invisible to hackers, and includes Web browsing protection like Anti-phishing. It also works seamlessly with all Antivirus programs.

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Protect your kids on Facebook
Now you can protect kids against cyberbullies, strangers, and dangerous links by using ZoneAlarm SocialGuard.

The Community-Powered Firewall

One of the secret weapons of our award-winning firewall is the DefenseNet™ system. It's powered by you and millions like you.

Here's how it works
Real-time threat data is automatically collected from ZoneAlarm firewalls all over the world. Once a new threat has been verified, details about it are immediately shared with your ZoneAlarm firewall so the threat can't reach you. Geeks call this a cloud-based system, which just means that everything is transmitted instantly between our Internet data centers and your firewall.

Security that doesn't pester you
DefenseNet spares you from having to constantly accept or deny actions in pop-up alerts. And, to be a part of the DefenseNet community, you don't have to do anything. Protection happens automatically.

We only use anonymous data - we are not Big Brother!
Part of protecting you means we put privacy first. The data ZoneAlarm collects includes only threat signatures and other boring security data. Most importantly, it never includes information to identify you or your computer.

Each new user makes DefenseNet even more effective. Join forces with us against online crime and share ZoneAlarm with someone you know today.

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