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Did you know that you can get over 1,000 attacks by just looking at a website?

Many people are still unaware that simply browsing the Internet can result in security threats.

What is a browser attack?

Learn how these new threats exploit vulnerabilities in your web browser.


What are the risks?

Learn how these new threats can destroy your data, PC, and finances.


How do I protect myself?

Learn best practices to help secure your browser how ZoneAlarm's virtual technology can protect you.


ZoneAlarm® ForceField

Blocks Internet threats that target your browser.

  • •  Detects phishing sites
  • •  Blocks keyloggers and screengrabbers
  • •  Blocks unauthorized downloads and malicious software installations
  • •  Browse the internet in complete privacy-erases all cache, cookies, history and passwords
  • •  Makes the perfect addition to your existing security product - creating a comprehensive solution
Only EUR 19.95
Reg. EUR 14.95